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I need to calculate difference in workdays between two dates. Is there a built in function for this in SQL Server? Can someone please provide an example on how to do this?

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Can you give an example of the two dates and your expected result? –  Kevin Brydon Mar 15 '13 at 11:43
Want to take into account public holidays? If so you'll need a table to store them as they change by country/region. –  Jamiec Mar 15 '13 at 11:44
You realise you've marked as the right answer one which gives a totally incorrect result? Just plug in 3/16/2013 and 3/23/2013 as start and end date (thats saturday to saturday). How many working days do you expect there - 5 i'd hope. The answer you've marked gives 7 –  Jamiec Mar 15 '13 at 12:05
You are right. Still i got information i needed ty both –  Djordje Kujundzic Mar 15 '13 at 12:11

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Here is something I wrote quickly. Just encapsulate it into a function or whatever you need.

declare @StartDate datetime
declare @EndDate datetime

declare @TotalDiff int
declare @NumberOfWeekends int

SET @StartDate = '3/12/2013'
SET @EndDate = '3/22/2013'
SET @NumberOfWeekends = 0
SET @TotalDiff = DATEDIFF(d,@StartDate, @EndDate)

If @TotalDiff > 7 
    SET @NumberOfWeekends = @TotalDiff / 7
else if DATEPART(dd, @EndDate) < DATEPART(DD, @StartDate)
    SET @NumberOfWeekends = 1

select (@TotalDiff - 2*@NumberOfWeekends) as TotalWorkDays
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This is far too simplistic - just change your start and end date to successive saturdays and you get a result of 7 instead of the expected 5 –  Jamiec Mar 15 '13 at 11:48

No, there is nothing built in to SQL Server to directly give you number of working days between two dates, however there are a few built-in functions which will enable you to write one.

Firstly, a few caveats

  • The world cannot agree what a "Working Day" is. For most of us it's Saturday and Sunday. For most of the Middle East it's Friday & Saturday (with Sunday being a normal working day)

  • The world most certainly cannot agree on what constitutes a public holiday, which are almost always considered non-working days.

You have not specified how you would like to handle these cases so lets make some assumptions:

  • Saturday and Sunday will be non-working days
  • Public holidays will not be taken into acount

Now, determining if a particular days is saturday or sunday in sql is easy, given a @date of type DateTime:

IF DATENAME(dw,@date) IN ('Saturday','Sunday')

With that in mind, given a start and end date, you can just count incrementally from @startDate to @endDate

DECLARE @startDate DATETIME = '2013-01-01'
DECLARE @endDate DATETIME = '2013-01-20'

DECLARE @currDate DATETIME = @startDate
DECLARE @numDays INT = 0
WHILE @currDate<@endDate
   IF DATENAME(dw,@currDate) NOT IN ('Saturday','Sunday')
     SET @numDays = @numDays + 1

   SET @currDate = DATEADD(day,1,@currDate)
SELECT @numDays

Note: This is non-inclsive so wont count @endDate. You could change it to be inclusive by changing WHILE @currDate<@endDate to WHILE @currDate<=@endDate

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