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I am new to linux and want to implement a sleep server. If anyone has source of Sleepserver please share or any kind of help will be appreciated.

SleepServer creates lightweight virtual images of sleeping PCs, and these pared down images maintain connectivity and respond to applications, such as Voice over IP services, on behalf of the sleeping PCs. Each virtual PC image can also enable remote access to the sleeping PC it represents via protocols such as Remote Desktop, VNC and encrypted connections using SSH. SleepServer is compatible with existing networking infrastructure. It is highly scalable, runs on commodity servers, and is cross platform - it works with Windows and different versions of Linux. [From "Enterprise PCs Work While They Sleep, Saving Energy and Money"]

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Great question (good idea for a project!) But, could you give us some more details of where you're at so far and what you've tried? –  Nicholas Wilson Mar 15 '13 at 14:01

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You'll likely have to write a kernel module! When the system goes down for sleep, you have to hand over your DHCP lease to another machine that will poison the ARP table to steal your traffic, then reply to requests on your behalf while you're asleep, and wake you up if an incoming connection is detected. On wakeup, you have to take back your DHCP lease and reset the ARP before you can do any networking again.

Apple's source for this is on opensource.apple.com (you'll have to hunt yourself). I don't know of any implementations for linux, although it must be possible to write one (I would have thought) that would work with their AirPort.

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