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I have created a struct:

 public struct ProductShortInfo
                public Guid Id { get; set; }

                public string Code { get; set; }

                public string Name { get; set; }

                public string PhotoUrl { get; set; }

                public string DownloadUrl { get; set; }

public string PopulateStruct()
    List<ProductShortInfo> productShortData;

    using (SomeService service = new SomeService())
         productShortData = service.populateShortData();

    List<Guid> guidsFromProductShortData = //NEED SOLUTION

I want to isolate the Id's returned for use later in a List, but I cannot figure out the proper method. I really don't think a foreach loop is a very elegant way. Theres probably a built in method for doing it.

EDIT: Found a solution less than 5 minutes later. Linq.

List productShortDataIds = (from datas in productShortData select datas.Id).ToList();

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You can project list of structs with LINQ:

List<Guid> guids = productShortData.Select(p => p.Id).ToList();
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