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I need to replace the attribute's name "TimeStamp" by "Timestamp" in the following XML example :

<CMD CommandID="6000">
      <ReportData Key="10000">
         <Event TimeStamp="2013-03-07 15:42:49.000" Name="ABC" />
         <Event TimeStamp="2013-03-07 15:42:50.000" Name="DEF" />
         <Event TimeStamp="2013-03-07 16:22:03.000" Name="GHI" />

It is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database within a column of XML type.

I tried something like this but it's incorrect:

DECLARE @variable NVARCHAR(20) = 'Timestamp'

UPDATE MyDatabase.dbo.MyTable
SET MyXmlColumn.modify('replace value of (/CMD/DATA/ReportData/Event/@TimeStamp) with sql:variable("@variable") ')

Thank you for your help.

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You can't do that; you can update the values of elements and attributes, but you cannot change the attribute name in a XML –  marc_s Mar 15 '13 at 12:28
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You can use replace.

update MyDatabase.dbo.MyTable
set MyXMLColumn = replace(cast(MyXMLColumn as nvarchar(max)), '<Event TimeStamp="', '<Event Timestamp="')
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