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I am having trouble with the AviManager library. I want to create an AVI file to store a video, but I keep getting an error on this line:

_aviManager = new AviManager(@"c:\\Recordings\\test.avi", false);

Looking into the library, this method looks like this:

public AviManager(String fileName, bool open){
        int result;
        if(open){ //open existing file

            result = Avi.AVIFileOpen(
                ref aviFile, fileName,
                Avi.OF_READWRITE, 0);
        }else{ //create empty file

            result = Avi.AVIFileOpen(
                ref aviFile, fileName,
                Avi.OF_WRITE | Avi.OF_CREATE, 0);

        if(result != 0) {
            throw new Exception("Exception in AVIFileOpen: "+result.ToString());

Because the file currently does not exist, it should enter the else part and create a new file. It creates the file but then it crashes because the result took the value -2147205009. My question is, why does it do this?

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Can you post the error message that you are receiving? –  Miguel-F Mar 15 '13 at 12:36
Exception in AVIFileOpen: -2147205009 –  LaCartouche Mar 15 '13 at 12:41

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I had the same issue and this was caused in my case by a stream not being properly disposed (so once opened the "*.avi" file became locked and then every next opening attempt ended up with this error).

To avoid that please ensure that you close/dispose all the AVI objects in the correct order: CORRECT:


and also remove all the "nulling" like aviManager=null; etc. from the end of code (it caused some random issues on my machine).

Hope that helps.

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