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I have the following route and accompanying handler:

Route(r'/book/<id:\d+>', handler='handlers.BookHandler') 

def show(self, id): 
        logging.info('in show book handler... %s', id) 
        book = Book.get_by_id(long(id)) 
        self.render_response('book/show.html', book=book) 

To retrieve the book from the datastore I have to convert the id request param to long explicitly.

I'm wondering if webapp2 support something to do autoconversion? What I mean is that the id received in the show method is already a long.

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They will always be strings. Even if regex allow only numbers. webapp2 does not support any autoconversions.

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Thanks again :-) –  Marcel Overdijk Mar 15 '13 at 19:25

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