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I'm using a EmbdeddedDocumentStore, running in-memory, when unit testing my application.

My account sign-up controller needs to create a new database for the tenant. It's calling EnsureDatabaseExists(newTenantId).

This results in the following exception:

Multiple databases are not supported in the embedded API currently

How can I work-around this? Do I have to spin up a non-embedded RavenDB server?

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Assuming you want to actually run against an embedded RavenDB in-memory instance during testing, and you are using a full RavenDB server in production, then you can just add some code to check which flavor you are using:

if (!(documentStore is EmbeddableDocumentStore))

You'll also want to make sure you are not trying to switch to the newTenantId database when opening your session. You may need some conditional logic there as well.

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Well the error message seems pretty clear... either change your code to not require multiple databases OR use the non-embedded store OR nag the RavenDB guys to add support for this scenario.

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Or mock the IDocumentStore in the unit test for the sign-up controller. –  nickvane Mar 15 '13 at 13:35

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