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I have a constructor with some artuments

public class AppEngine:IAppEngine
    private IGreeter _greeter;
    private string _str;
    public AppEngine(IGreeter greeter,string str)
        _greeter = greeter;
        _str = str;
    public string Run()
        return _greeter.Greeting()+":"+_str;

Here from the factory i want to get instance

 var obj = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IAppEngine>();

Here I want to pass Arguments that the constructor is accepting. how could i do this.


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If you want to specify the argument when you call ObjectFactory you can do it like this:


If you need to do multiple arguments you can just chain these together. Note that you can also define a constructor value for all instances when inializing like this:

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thank you, it works –  user804401 Mar 18 '13 at 5:58
You are welcome. If you could accept the answer I'd appreciate it. –  Rob West Mar 18 '13 at 11:59
//Arguments Constructor    
Example(int id,String Name){    //Define    }//main method  
//Object Creation    
//Object  Creation for Default Constructor
Example e1=new Example();
//Object Creation for Arguments Constructor
Example e2=new Example(101,"kathik");}
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this has nothing to do with the question –  cortex42 Jan 12 at 15:34

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