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I am an eclipse newbie. I have a long term goal which is to add my own annotations to the java editor: a bit like FindBugs. I want my own static code analysers, and to be able to add markers/annotations to resources.

So I have read a lot of excellent documentation, and undertaken a load of tutorials. The most helpful was probably A lot of the Lars Vogel documents have been useful too. I can now make TextEditors with syntax highlighters. I am however struggling with the best approach for adding annotations.

I understand roughly how to do this: the text editor has a DocumentProvider. The DocumentProvider has an AnnotationModel. It is possible to add annotations to the annotation model.

My question is "where do I put this code" specifically the code that scans the text in the editor and updates the annotation model. It seems clear that this should be in response to a listener...but which one?

I have tried a ResourceChangeListener. This seems to only fire on a save option, rather than when text is typed. In addition I don't know how to get the editor from the resource. ("The" editor is probably a misnomer as presumably the resource can be open in multiple editors). I can find the current editor via IWorkbenchWindow activeWorkbenchWindow = workbench.getActiveWorkbenchWindow().getActivePage().getActiveEditor(), but this seems the wrong approach, as I want to update all relevant annotation models.

I have tried adding an ElementStateListener to the text editor. None of the events seem to be the one I want.

I've looked at DamageRepairers...these seem to nearly be what I want, except that long term I want to tie into the JavaEditor, so I don't want to change the default DamageRepair.

Thanks for all the help

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that's a very specific question, and I guess your chances of getting a good answer are better if you open a thread in the corresponding eclipse forum: Link. I would try Eclipse Projects -> Rich Client Platform, but perhaps you find a better suiting subforum. People there helped me a lot when I created a custom editor... – moeTi Mar 15 '13 at 15:12
Cheers I will try that – Stave Escura Mar 15 '13 at 16:14
I opened a question at – Stave Escura Mar 21 '13 at 11:02
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I found that this question can be answered, by mentioning the following resource:

The question author also mentions here:

I add the annotations to the resource, and the annotations are auto-magically added to the editor.

So when my plugin starts I run through the active resources, add annotations to them if needed, then add a resource changed listener which adds them as the resource is opened.

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