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I'm new to MatLab, I have a Matrix:

first column: time in min, eg, 0, 0.5,1,1.5,2…up to 105,5 min

second column: distance measures

How can I plot the average values of distance each 5 min I wrote this:

data_to_plot = mean(data((i-1)*5:i*5))

I got the answer “Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.”

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If you want 5 minutes average you need multiply by 10 (5min / 0.5 min) and add 1 to first index, e.g. convert to data((i-1)*10+1 : i*10) – Danil Asotsky Mar 15 '13 at 13:56

Have you checked your definition of i? If i starts at 1, then the first entry from data((i-1)*5:i*5) will be zero, and MATLAB's arrays are indexed from 1.

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