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I am using ListBlobs Segemented but having problems with getting continuationTOken for next page. Here is my code

 CloudBlobContainer container = GetContainerReference(fileType);
        BlobRequestOptions blobOptions = new BlobRequestOptions();

        ResultContinuation continuationToken=null;
        ResultSegment<IListBlobItem> blobs = container.ListBlobsSegmented(5000,continuationToken,blobOptions);

i never get HasMoreResults=true althought i know there are results ahead.and cannot access continuationToken. no idea which property where? i can see it in non public properties of ResultContinuationClass

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Where is the rest of your code which is trying to check the continuation token? The following code works:

    BlobRequestOptions options = new BlobRequestOptions();
    options.UseFlatBlobListing = true;
    ResultSegment<IListBlobItem> list = Global.ContainerTools.ListBlobsSegmented(5, null, options);

    foreach (CloudBlob b in list.Results)

    while (list.ContinuationToken != null)
        list = Global.ContainerTools.ListBlobsSegmented(5, list.ContinuationToken, options);
        foreach (CloudBlob b in list.Results)
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