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How do i loop through files in a directory, locate file based on file name and print file content?

Please see below code: files in directory:



opendir (DIR, "LOCATION")|| die "cant open directory\n";

my @DATA = grep {(!/^\./)} readdir (DIR);
while ( my $file = shift @DATA) {
    open FILE, "LOCATION";
    while (FILE){
        if ($file eq "235") {
            print $_;
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Please read before asking questions – Anshuman Jasrotia Mar 15 '13 at 13:58
Stack Overflow helps people with programming problems. You are expected to have made an attempt at this yourself and reached a programming problem that you can't resolve. We cannot be expected to write code for you for free. – Borodin Mar 15 '13 at 14:01

This should do (untested):

opendir( DIR, "/path/to/dir" );
while ( my $entry = readdir( DIR ) ) {
    if ( $entry =~ /^$filenameImLookingFor$/ ) {
        open( FILE, "$entry/$filenameImLookingFor" );
        my @lines = <FILE>;
        close( FILE );
        print( join( '', @lines );
closedir( DIR );
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The code in your question:

opendir (DIR, "LOCATION")|| die "cant open directory\n";
my @DATA = grep {(!/^\./)} readdir (DIR);
while ( my $file = shift @DATA) {
    open FILE, "LOCATION";
    while (FILE){
        if ($file eq "235") {
            print $_;

Will do this:

First it will handily find all files in directory "LOCATION" that do not begin with a period. Then it will iterate in a rather odd loop over each file name. The normal version of this loop would be:

for my $file (@DATA)

Then it will attempt to open the directory "LOCATION" again. This will likely fail, because "LOCATION" is a directory. Since you do not check the return value with die, this error will be silent.

What you probably want is to use

if ($file eq "235.txt") {
    open my $fh, "<", $file or die $!;
    print <$fh>;

This part:

while (FILE)

Is not actually checking the return value of readline(), it is checking whether the file handle is returning a true value. As near as I can tell on my system, it does return a true value even if the open failed. Which means of course that the loop will run indefinitely. What you probably meant was

while (<FILE>)

However, as explained earlier, this will only result in the error "readline() on unopened file handle FILE" since the open statement cannot open a directory.

Your check

if ($file eq "235")

Will never be true, since you said your file names had a .txt extension. You might instead do

if ($file eq "235.txt")

Which should work.

If you wanted to be clever, you could include your check directly in the grep:

my @files = grep { $_ eq "235.txt" } readdir DIR;

And since perl can use the <> diamond operator to print files listed in the @ARGV array, you can even do this

@ARGV = grep { $_ eq "235.txt" } @ARGV;
print <>;

Assuming you call the script with:

perl dir/*.txt

This is, of course, just the long version of doing:

perl -pe0 235.txt

Which is the long version of

cat 235.txt

So, I get the feeling you are trying to do something other than what your code implies.

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