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I'm trying to debug why my android mobile will not boot. When I run:

adb pull / e:\temp

It freezes at

pull: /proc/kmsg -> e:\temp/proc/kmsg

Is there some way to stop it freezing here or to get 'pull' to by-pass this file.

(I'm running this command while the phone is sitting in the recovery menu as I cant get adb to run in any other state).

Samsung Galaxy GT-i5500, android 2.2, windows 7.

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You can instead dump the log using

adb logcat -d > log.txt

This will provide you with the log which you can use to debug the issue.

Run-time messages can be obtained through

adb shell dmesg

For kmsg, the following command can be tried.

adb shell cat /proc/kmesg
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Thanks. adb shell dmesg worked –  spiderplant0 Mar 15 '13 at 17:06

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