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I have 2 List one stores the name of filterable columns(of type DropDown) and another store the values to load in those filterable columns.

 List<string> filterableFields = new List<string>() { "A_B", "C_D", "E_F" };
 List<string> AB, CD , EF;

Now at the run time I get the data from web service and I have written a function to to extract values for these filterable fields and store the values to 2nd List.

private void prepareListForFilterableColumns(XDocument records)
    foreach (var currentField in filterableFields)
        var values = (from xml in records.Descendants(z + "row")
                      let val = (string)xml.Attribute("ows_" + currentField.Replace("_", "_x0020_"))
                      where val != ""
                      orderby val
                      select val 

        switch (currentField)
            case "A_B": AB = values.ToList(); break;
            case "C_D": CD = values.ToList(); break;

Now I was thinking that instead of hard coding the assignment in swtich case block, If I could just use the first List name "A_B" and replace "_" from it to point to my 2nd List and assign values.ToList() to it.

I understand that c# is a static language, So not sure if we can achieve this, but IF I can it will make my function generic.

Thanks a lot in advance for time and help.


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kinda related: stackoverflow.com/questions/11118084/… – Michael Edenfield Mar 15 '13 at 14:14
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You could use a dictionary of lists of strings instead of 3 lists to store the values.

Dictionary<string, List<string>> val lists = new Dictionary<string,List<string>>();

And make the keys of the dictionary equal to the filterables: "AB", "CD",..

then, instead of AB you would use valLists["AB"] and could then reference reach list based on a string key.

The other option would be to use reflection but that would be slower and unnecessarily a bit more complicated.

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