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I have a table like this one below. I have one dataset which returns data like this:

Day      Hour    Title
Monday   2       Title1
Monday   4       Title2
Friday   5       Title3

I need to fill the table depends of values in dataset, ie. first row of dataset will take place where first column(Monday) intersect with second row(2.).

How can I do this task.

I am using SSRS 2008.

enter image description here

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Problem solved

First, on database, I am creating two Common Table Expression or CTE, for days and hours respectively. Then, I am make CROSS JOIN between them, and thus form a one relation. Then I make left join with rest of needed tables, to get values (if exist, of course) for each combination from CROSS JOIN.

On reports, I am create matrix, related to dataset, which is linked with previously created stored procedure. For column group, I choose days, for row group I choose hours, on intersect I place specific values.

Really simple, but great job is done with cross joined two CTE's.

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