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Imagine that my django project contain few apps. On server it located at /var/www/ProjectName dir. My username is Foo and sometimes i want edit file of server. Which best solution for next questions?

  1. What owner of /var/www?
  2. What owner of /var/www/ProjectName?
  3. What apache process owner?
  4. Where locate static files (css, js)? Is it from all apps in one dir or different dirs for different apps? What Owner of this dir?
  5. Where locate media files (with upload users)? Is it from all apps in one dir or different dirs for different apps? What Owner of this dir?
  6. What owner of py and pyc files, dirs of apps?

PS. Maybe project is located at my home directory?

I have some suggestions about that, but I would like to hear more experienced people.

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  1. on ubuntu 12.04 root drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Nov 8 11:59 www

  2. cd /var/www && ls -la to see owner, probably root?

  3. www-data, on 12.04 www-data homes directory is /var/www (www-data:x:33:33:www-data:/var/www)

  4. you can collectstatic to whatever directory you want in your project. I often have a directory called static next to manage.py. The owner is probably the same as the owner of your django project. You only need to allow read access to this folder for apache

  5. You will probably want to consider a centralized media folder, instead of having media for each app. For both static and media you can fairly easily upload everything to s3 using django-storages

  6. the owner can be anyone you want, I can't say the owner because it is your machine. But, I think, the webserver will need to execute the py files, so you can change your permissions to allow for this.

You can locate the project whereever you want. In apache virtual host you give the location of your wsgi file. There is no reason your project must live in /var/www

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2. what good praktik for it? Someone recommend use www-data for owner this dir, but i think it's bad idea. 6. pyc files created www-data and may changes from it. Is this normal? and i'm paranoiac – HotIceCream Mar 15 '13 at 14:56

Here is the structure I'm using.

├── project_virtualenv                       (virtualenv folder)
└── versioned                                (folder for things that are versioned)
    ├── devdoc                               (documentation)
    └── py                                   (code)
        └── project                          (django project)
            ├── django_app                   (django app)
            ├── project                      (project folder)                  
                ├── files                    
                │   ├── media                (media, user uploads, etc)
                │   ├── production_static    (statics for production)
                │   └── static               (statics for development)
                └── templates

The directory django is located in the home directory on the production server, only the wsgi.py is in the publicly available folder (in my case /home/user/public_html/wsgi.

I've chmoded everything in the Django folder to 777 just to get everything working on the testing production server. Not sure what are the security risks, even dough the files aren't directly served.

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