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I am using Visual Studio 2010 with an Excel Workbook 2007 VSTO project.

It is using .NET 4 and the VSTO4 runtime.

I am using ClickOnce to publish this.

The prerequisites I have set are .NET 4, VSTO runtime, and Windows installer.. I have not included the Primary Interop Assemblies.

I have set this to download from the same location as my application.

After publishing when I get a user who has only .NET installed on their machine.. and they try to open the Excel Workbook to see what happens, they get an error of "The common language runtime could not be loaded... Contact an administrator"

I also tried running the "setup.exe" for this user and even clicking directly on the VSTO4 runtime installer and I got the message of "Do not have the required administrator privileges"

Can anyone confirm to me that the only way I can use a ClickOnce project for Office is for the user to have Administrator access?

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Thanks do you want to add that as an answer? so I can mark it as such. –  Pricey Mar 18 '13 at 14:25

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You need Admin rights to install prerequisites like the VSTO run time. The actual Add-In does not require Admin rights.

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