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I have two applications deployed on Cloudfoundry: a service application that computes stuff (aka computeService) and a client application that renders html for us mortals to hit buttons on (aka clientService). I would like a controller in the clientService to send commands to the computeService (when mortals hit buttons). The broker and the computeService run on the same machine.

I know I cannot make remote AMQP connections into a service on, but I assume I can make connections between applications. However, every sensible address combination for broker and clientService gives me the same error:

javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL: tcp:// Reason: Connection refused

Whatever address I try, I cannot post to the queue. The code works flawlessly on my local machine.

My question: can I use RabbitMQ to pass messages between the two applications on Cloudfoundry? And if so, which addresses should I use?


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Have you reviewed:… – eightyoctane Mar 15 '13 at 17:48
@eightyoctane: thank you, I reread it. It seems I conflated JMS with AMQP. – HJLebbink Mar 18 '13 at 10:03

One way to try this out is to create two replicas of the rabbit message example at Spring Samples

...a message sender and a message receiver. When deployed, they should share the same rabbit service.

I pushed the rabbit message which worked for me to: rabbitmessage-sndrcv

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