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I have developed custom form builder type application using ASP.NET 3 years back. Now working on new project and it has similar requirement. I think there must be something new and easy to do same thing using MVC4 or ASP.NET 4.5 web forms. Any pointers?

Requirement in detail,

  • This is a web application
  • Authorised users login to web site and given the option to fill in the form
  • This form captures the information which then sent to third party
  • Third party keep reviewing their system and may ask for more details in future
  • My application needs modification to capture this extra(or say changing) information

Is there any way I can change only DB model to accommodate these extra fields and they will automatically appear on form without any code changes to UI or BL level?

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I am not too sure what you are trying to accomplish but maybe this could help ?


Look at how they automatically generate the bootstrap views depending on which view model get's passed.

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