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I want to know is any library to work with Microsoft Sharepoint ? Can we program with go language for Microsoft Sharepoint?

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Sharepoint is many things and it is unclear what you mean by "Can we program with Go for Sharepoint", but you may want to take a look at Sharepoint 2013 apps, which will support "Self-Hosted Apps", that could be written in any language. From the linked article:

You could be a PHP developer with a Linux machine and still make SharePoint apps.

If you're more interested in interacting with Sharepoint's APIs, it looks like Sharepoint 2013 provides a RESTful API, so again, no problem for Go.

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Q1: Unfortunately, googling for such library was not successful in my case.

Q2: If MS Sharepoint (whatever that is) has some known or documented API or it can be accessed by some known or documented protocol(s) then the answer is definitely yes.

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My best guess is that this will not be possible. Sharepoint as far as I know is an ASP.NET application designed for the Microsoft IIS platform and depends on the closed-source .NET framework.

Working with Sharepoint over APIs though, should be possible but judging by your question I don't think that's what you want.

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