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Short and Simple: From time to time we send gifts to some of our users. I have a user table and a gift table with a many-to-many relationship. I want to fetch all users which did NOT receive a particular gift.

The following query however returns me all users and the gifts they've received, with the particular gift excluded.

$qb = $this->_em->createQueryBuilder();
$qb->select('u, g')
        ->from('Application\Entity\User', 'u')
        ->leftJoin('u.gifts', 'g')
        ->where('g.id != = :giftId')
        ->setParameter('giftId', 2);

If a user received a particular gift, I want to exclude that user from the result set. Is this possible with Doctrine2?

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You first need to select all users, then exclude those who had your gift already:

    Application\Entity\User u
    u.id NOT IN(
            Application\Entity\User u2
            u2.gifts g
            g.id = :giftId

In QueryBuilder API, it looks like following:

$qb1 = $em->createQueryBuilder();
$qb2 = $em->createQueryBuilder();

    ->from('Application\Entity\User', 'u2')
    ->join('u2.gifts', 'g')
    ->andWhere($qb2->expr()->eq('g.id', ':giftId');

$users = $qb1
    ->from('Application\Entity\User', 'u')
    ->setParameter('giftId', $giftId)

Also, I don't personally think the QueryBuilder is suited for this use case unless you have dynamic DQL. As you can see, the query gets quite complex, and at some point you're even falling back to QueryBuilder#getDQL, which builds the DQL string and makes recycling of $qb2 impossible. Plain DQL works just fine here.

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