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I'm using one Apache HTTPD and multiple Tomcats as the load balancing solution. The session sticky is based on JSESSIONID cookie. I have two questions that really need your help.

1) Tomcat version is 7, cookies can be shared with subdomains. The domain looks like this:

  • en.mydomain.com
  • es.mydomain.com
  • it.mydomain.com

Configured in context.xml

<Context sessionCookieDomain=".mydomain.com" sessionCookiePath="/">

Meanwhile, we have staging environment that has sub-sub domains, and cookies can also be shared across the domains below:

  • en.alpha.mydomain.com
  • es.alpha.mydomain.com
  • it.alpha.mydomain.com

Configured in context.xml:

<Context sessionCookieDomain=".alpha.mydomain.com" sessionCookiePath="/">

But sometimes, JSESSIONID cookie can be shared between en.mydomain.com and en.alpha.mydomain.com, which is not expected.

How to resolve this issue? Cookies should not be shared in the different level subdomains.

2) I tried to refresh JSESSIONID cookie for above question, but failed. In Tomcat JSP:

session = request.getSession(true);

JSESSIONID cookie is refreshed when directly accessing this Tomcat JSP, but kept the same when accessing its proxy Apache. Should I modify the mod_proxy etc. to support the JSESSIONID cookie refresh by accessing the Apache URL?

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The second question is related with the first one. Because JSESSIONID cookie is set in apache url, so I won't get the the new session id even using session.invalidate(). –  user2102627 Mar 16 '13 at 8:13
After session.invalidate(), session.isNew() returns true, but session.getId() is the same with the old one. Confused... So if JSESSIONID is in the cookie, this is the servlet mechanism? –  user2102627 Mar 16 '13 at 8:36

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