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I'm using one Apache HTTPD and multiple Tomcats as the load balancing solution. The session sticky is based on JSESSIONID cookie. I have two questions that really need your help.

1) Tomcat version is 7, cookies can be shared with subdomains. The domain looks like this:


Configured in context.xml

<Context sessionCookieDomain="" sessionCookiePath="/">

Meanwhile, we have staging environment that has sub-sub domains, and cookies can also be shared across the domains below:


Configured in context.xml:

<Context sessionCookieDomain="" sessionCookiePath="/">

But sometimes, JSESSIONID cookie can be shared between and, which is not expected.

How to resolve this issue? Cookies should not be shared in the different level subdomains.

2) I tried to refresh JSESSIONID cookie for above question, but failed. In Tomcat JSP:

session = request.getSession(true);

JSESSIONID cookie is refreshed when directly accessing this Tomcat JSP, but kept the same when accessing its proxy Apache. Should I modify the mod_proxy etc. to support the JSESSIONID cookie refresh by accessing the Apache URL?

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The second question is related with the first one. Because JSESSIONID cookie is set in apache url, so I won't get the the new session id even using session.invalidate(). – user2102627 Mar 16 '13 at 8:13
After session.invalidate(), session.isNew() returns true, but session.getId() is the same with the old one. Confused... So if JSESSIONID is in the cookie, this is the servlet mechanism? – user2102627 Mar 16 '13 at 8:36

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