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I have a large Maven project that is being built by Jenkins. The Jenkins build currently archives about 30 artefacts - zip files, rpms, jars and various other bits and pieces for the various build platforms.

These artefacts are shown very nicely on the build results page, but testing teams find it awkward to find the build artefacts for their tests.

My question is; How can I group the artefacts up in folders?

This would make it a little easier for testers to find the files that they are after. Folders like "Fedora RPMs", "Documentation", "Developer JARs", etc. The artefacts come from all over the build workspace (mostly Maven $project/target/ directories).

An objective is to do this artefact grouping/folders with no additional services (eg, pushing artefacts to a FTP server isn't great - we'd like to keep them nicely grouped up in Jenkins). A Jenkins plugin would be absolutely fine.

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Maybe Flexible Publish plugin could help?

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