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I am pretty new to web-design and working on some code that part of it is like this:

    - if(params[:offset].to_i>0)
      = link_to t('.previous'), reports_path(offset: give_previous_page(@offset, @limit)),
        { class: 'btn btn-small btn-primary'}
    - else

some of the things I understand so far, for example Ok this is a Rail code, instead of ERB we have used HAML syntax and there some twitter bootstrap classes like those .row-fluid and btn-primary in it too, but the part that I don' understand is that "-" that we see next to the lines with "if" an "else" . What are those and what do they do?

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In HAML under Rails, - means "this line is Ruby code; don't output its value".

By contrast = means "this line is Ruby code; output its value".

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