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I am trying to port some d3.js code I wrote into a ruby on rails 3.2 app. I seem to have everything ported except rails will not load d3.js, even though it loads all the rest of my javascript.

in development.rb I have:

  config.assets.compress = false
  config.assets.debug = true

I have tried including it both through application.js as well as adding it in my view using

  - content_for :javascript_include do
    = javascript_include_tag 'ems/reports/floor_logs/d3'

in both cases the script tag gets correctly included in my rendered source

   <script src="/assets/d3.js?body=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

and the rails server logs it rendered with 200 Ok.

however in the console it says GET failed. When I load the url for the js :3000/assets/d3.js in my browser, it loads the text of the file quickly but it continues to load indefinitely.

Also if I take the code from d3.js and post it into another one of my javascript files which loads normally otherwise, it causes that file to have the same problem.

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I guess that there might be problems because d3.js contains UTF-8 symbols inside it's source code (pi constant, for example). But I have no much info about how to avoid this. Few minutes ago I've downloaded, unpack it to vendor/assets and add it to my application.js by sprockets require statement. It goes fine. – Sergey Kuznetsov Mar 15 '13 at 16:05
Thanks for the response.The minified version doesn't have the non UTF characters and that gives me the exact same problem. – Alex Muro Mar 15 '13 at 17:51
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While I am still not completely sure why I wasn't able to successfully serve d3js through the asset pipeline (maybe something to do with https) I was able to get my code working by using a hosted version of d3js.

= javascript_include_tag '//'
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