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If I have two colums:

number | vip_date 
22     | 22.03.2013
32     | 12.01.2013
38     | NULL
44     | 06.01.2013
20     | 30.03.2013
10     | NULL

I want to sort by number and by date so i do something like ...ORDER BY number DESC, vip_date DESC.

Results are sorted by date and the 2 rows with NULL date are sorted by number. Question is, how to order by number rows with dates after NOW() and order by number dates before NOW()?

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You can compare if the row is null, and sort after that:

ORDER BY number DESC, (vip_date IS NULL) ASC, vip_date DESC

(vip_date IS NULL) will be 1 if the row is NULL, and 0 if it's not. Hence, 0 is before 1 (and that's why we're sorting ascending).

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