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I have implemented timer functionality to find the performance of my task in windows and linux. But linux implementation is not working in Vxworks PPC 750 board. gettimeofday is not available in Vxworks.

t1 = vxworks_start_timer(); //How to implement ?
t2 = vxworks_stop_timer(); //How to implement ?
elapsedtime = t2-t1;

How to implement this timer in Vxworks to calculate elapsed time of a task.

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I just googled 'vxworks timer' and got hundreds of apparently relevant hits. Are you looking for something different? –  Carl Norum Mar 15 '13 at 16:48

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If the system timer tick resolution is sufficient, you could use tickGet() and sysClkRateGet() or clock_gettime(), but resolution is still limited to system clock tick

Otherwise, you could read TBL and TBU (arch-specific)

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