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I know using fabric, you can pass arguments to fabric task like:

def task(something=''):
    print "You said %s" % something

fab task:something='hello'

what if I want to pass some arguments to roledefs. Here is my example:

env.roledefs = {
    'node1':          ['node1.%s' % DOMAIN],
    'node2':          ['node2.%s' % DOMAIN]

Is there anyway I can pass in the DOMAIN by running something like:

fab task -argument='' (pseudo code)
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You can set a custom env variable via --set cmd option:

fabric task --set domain=''

Then in fabfile, just read from env.domain:

env.roledefs = {
    'node1':          ['node1.%s' % env.domain],
    'node2':          ['node2.%s' % env.domain]

Hope that helps you.

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