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I crawled all of youtubes comments and stored in a text file given below (lots of wierd characters)

I am trying to load the file in R using:

doc <- read.table("C:/Users/schatterjee/Desktop/projects/text mining/youtube_comments.txt")

and I get the following error:

Error in scan (file, what, nmax, sep, dec, quote, skip, nlines, na.strings,: Line 1 was not 17 elements

How can I load this text in the doc variable?

youtube_comments.txt :

High level fshion film,like a movie even it is short but not mediocre
Most People.....
Look at people with money and think they "got lucky" or have a skill most people don't have.....
Is belief, A plan & Action .....
Learn how a fed up Wal-Mart Cashier quit his job 60 days after learning this simple secret.....
ã€?蘋果日報】å†?有商戶被法國å??牌LV(LOUIS VUITTON)指侵犯版權,è¦?求賠償å?Šç™»å ±é?“歉。兩間分別在旺角å?Šæ·±æ°´åŸ—的商戶指,早å‰?收到LV來信,指兩店售賣的手袋侵犯LV袋扣(S-Lock)版權。有店æ?±è?²ç¨±ï¼Œä¸?知該款設計是LV專利,希望å°?方高抬貴手。記者:å¾?雲庭 æ¢?瑞帆

兩間被指侵權的店舖,分別是旺角兆�商場一樓的時�店「nabu nabu��深水埗�州街「�泰�扣�。�者被指出售的一款手袋侵權LV袋扣設計(S-Lock);後者亦指出售的一個類似煙盒�袋袋扣�樣侵權。S-Lock是LV其中一款在香港註冊商標,在多款手袋�手腕皮帶�見該設計。
Arizona muse. (:
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I think you're looking for ?readLines. –  Arun Mar 15 '13 at 16:50
Have you tried any of the answers here: stackoverflow.com/q/9068397/1036500 ? –  Ben Mar 15 '13 at 18:56
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