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how can i make symfony retain the POST data after login page?

for example, the cookie was expired while user was filling the form. after submitting the form user gets a redirect to a login page. and after successful login he gets a redirect back to form's "action" url without any POST data from the initial form.

is there any mechanism in symfony to handle that data, or i have to write my own?

btw, i'm using sfGuardPlugin

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I wrote a simple filter for that. Maybe you can extend its features and you can use, here it is

class postFilter extends sfFilter
    public function execute($filterChain)
    // Execute this filter only once
    if ($this->isFirstCall())
      // reach user object
      $user    = $this->getContext()->getUser();
      // request
      $request = $this->getContext()->getRequest();
      // if user unauthenticated and if user posted a form 
      if(!$user->isAuthenticated() AND $request->isMethod('post'))
        // now you can save the post parameters
        $user->setAttribute('param_name', $request->getParameter('post_data'));
        // or something like that 

    // Execute next filter

And add your filter to filters.yml

  class: postFilter

I hope it helps.

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thanks, that helped me) – kipelovets Oct 11 '09 at 10:39

I'm almost sure that doing a $this->forward() actually sends along all your post data.

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I have no prior knowledge about the symfony framework, but it seems normal to me that after a redirect you loose that information. Post variables are bounded to a unique HTTP request. Performing a redirect means generally doing a second HTTP request. There's no way you can store POST variables. You should use SESSION variables, instead.

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yes, it's normal, and i'm trying to find a workaround for that – kipelovets Oct 11 '09 at 10:40

You can give extra parameters to the redirect in symfony like so:


Off course, it is not very smart to send passwords like this.

A user session might be an option but try to do everything before redirecting to a new action

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I think the Flash attribute would be a good compromise for this. Unlike a session which would work, the values are only stored to the next page.

foreach($_POST as $key => $value){
    $this->getUser()->setFlash($key, $value);

The flash attributes will automatically be cleared after the next request.

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You'll have to store it in $_SESSION. make sure you have called session_start(), then you could do something like this:

foreach($_POST as $key => $value){
   $_SESSION[$key] = $value;

or, just store it as a sub array in session.

$_SESSION['previousPost'] = $_POST;

I don' t have any expierience with the Sympony framework, but this will get the job done.

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that is right way, but i'm looking for a symfony-style solution – kipelovets Oct 11 '09 at 10:41

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