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So my question is whether an app, which is running in the background, can access the device's location information and save it in the heap or send data to a server? I know it would have to do something with the delegate but I'm not sure a process of this complexity can be done while the app is in the background

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Yes, you can!

In the Location Awareness Guide of apple its is described that application that need to receive GPS in the background have to set a specif value:

Set key location in the UIBackgroundModes array of your Info.plist file.

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thank you very much :) –  nupac Mar 15 '13 at 20:19

Yes. You can do it.

By setting the proper key-value in info.plist file, your application will able to fetch locations even when its in background.

Using ASIHttpRequest (Link), you can upload the data using web service. For that, create the object of ASIHTTPRequest and keep the value of shouldContinueWhenAppEntersBackground to TRUE.

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Thank you for your answer but what do you mean by "setting the proper key-value"? –  nupac Mar 15 '13 at 17:35

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