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If I've started a thread with the following code, how can I trap/detect the exit call from within the thread itself so I can do some clean-up before it terminates?

thr = Thread.new { sleep }
thr.status # => "sleep"
thr.status # => false

I was thinking that maybe it would be something like the following, but I'm not sure.

thr = Thread.new {
    rescue StandardError => ex
        puts ex.message
    rescue SystemExit, Interrupt
        puts 'quit'
        puts 'quit'
thr.status # => "sleep"
thr.exit #=> "quit"
thr.status # => false
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You can't. Thread#stop is a unhandleable sledgehammer. You need to use more subtle means if you want to signal termination or cancelation with cleanup. –  Linuxios Mar 15 '13 at 21:23

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This is untested, but Thread like everything can by specialized by just jumping in before the GC gets active. So I think you can add a ObjectSpace finalizer method which is executed just before Thread is garbage collected to do what you want.

Ruby: Destructors?

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