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I think that to replace exactly one tag, the best is to use preg_replace. I tried str_replace and replaced all characters. For example if I want replace the two PHP tags in <?php print "Hello parents"; ?> by using str_replace I do this :



The result will be this :

Hello parents

str_replace "replace all chars"

How can I do the same thing with preg_replace? Because I don't understand how to put chars or separators

Here is what I tried :

$content="<?php Hello parents?>"
echo preg_replace($chars, $sus, $content);
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$content="<?php Hello parents?>"
$chars = "/(<\?php|\?>)/i";
echo preg_replace($chars, $sus, $content);

You can use the | separator to say replace <?php or ?> And the ? character needs to be escaped as within the RegEx it means 0 or 1 occurances

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