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I am trying to find some good free OpenMP debuggers and profilers. What do you guys use that works on Linux RHEL 6?


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To some extent one can use gdb and valgrind to debug such applications, but these tools have very rudimentary support for OpenMP. Fortunately two big vendors recognise, that having their advanced development tools available for free for Linux is a good idea.

  • Oracle Solaris Studio for Linux is free and comes complete with an optimising compiler, debuger, a Netbeans-based IDE that integrates both, and a suite of performance tools like Performance Analyzer and Thread Analyzer.

  • Intel Software Development Tools for Linux can be obtained and used for non-commercial software development for free. Intel Parallel Studio XE includes the VTune Amplifier and Inspector applications and both are invaluable when debugging threaded code.

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Oh, cool! The information about Intel is very useful! –  SaiyanGirl Mar 19 '13 at 15:32

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