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I have all my SOAP Calls successfully working in PHP CORE (When I run them in WAMP) . But when I try to just add the same code to Zend Server,for some reason it says "The server encountered an internal error". Not sure what is going on! A call using SoapClient() is not at all working... I am using Local WSDL and local soap service which is given by Alchemy. Anyways,I tried the same with Zend_Soap_Client too,but still,it doesn't work!! Here is the dump of Zend Soap Client created :

object(Zend_Soap_Client)#37 (29) { ["_encoding":protected]=> string(5) "UTF-8" ["_classmap":protected]=> NULL ["_faultExceptions":protected]=> array(0) { } ["_soapVersion":protected]=> int(2) ["_uri":protected]=> NULL ["_location":protected]=> NULL ["_style":protected]=> NULL ["_use":protected]=> NULL ["_login":protected]=> NULL ["_password":protected]=> NULL ["_proxy_host":protected]=> NULL ["_proxy_port":protected]=> NULL ["_proxy_login":protected]=> NULL ["_proxy_password":protected]=> NULL ["_local_cert":protected]=> NULL ["_passphrase":protected]=> NULL ["_compression":protected]=> NULL ["_connection_timeout":protected]=> NULL ["_stream_context":protected]=> NULL ["_features":protected]=> NULL ["_cache_wsdl":protected]=> NULL ["_user_agent":protected]=> NULL ["_wsdl":protected]=> string(77) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\C3Nexus\application\WSAlchemy.wsdl" ["_soapClient":protected]=> NULL ["_lastMethod":protected]=> string(0) "" ["_soapInputHeaders":protected]=> array(0) { } ["_permanentSoapInputHeaders":protected]=> array(0) { } ["_soapOutputHeaders":protected]=> array(0) { } ["location"]=> string(29) "http://localhost:3434/Alchemy" 

Even a call like getFunctions() on the client is giving me the error. What am I doing wrong?

Found these errors in ZendEnabler.log

[3/15/2013 2:21:55 PM] Error: Read data error - unable to get read result. Code 109.
[3/15/2013 2:21:55 PM] Error: Request for C:/Program Files (x86)/Zend/Apache2/htdocs/SOME/public/index.php: Unable to get the response from PHP process
[3/15/2013 2:21:55 PM] Error: PHP process 9872 from the "application/x-httpd-php" pool has exited with status 255.

Url Request : http://localhost:8089/SOME/public/index.php/NewPatient/load-gsdd-data


Controller : NewPatient Action : loadGssdData

I am writing soap call in that action.

This works:

$hey = new Zend_Soap_Client(APPLICATION_PATH . '\WSAlchemy.wsdl');
$hey->location ='http://localhost:3434/Alchemy';
echo var_dump($hey);

But fails when I call $hey->getFunctions() !

This doesn't work at all,

$hey = new SoapClient(APPLICATION_PATH . '\WSAlchemy.wsdl');
$hey->location ='http://localhost:3434/Alchemy';
echo var_dump($hey);

or even this!

 $hey = new SoapClient("http://localhost:8089/SOME/public/WSAlchemy.wsdl");
 echo var_dump($hey);

Note: I can access the wsdl file at http://localhost:8089/SOME/public/WSAlchemy.wsdl

I wonder why I can't use SoapClient in Zend Server,which is core PHP one !! :(

To try,I disabled Soap Client in Zend Server It said :

[15-Mar-2013 14:46:23] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'SoapClient' not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\SOME\application\controllers\GSDD.php on line 2

So,I enabled again,it says no error there,still I get error! This is my server access log after enabling the extension : - - [15/Mar/2013:14:54:06 -0400] "POST /ZendServer/index.php/Log-Tail/Index HTTP/1.1" 200 9205 - - [15/Mar/2013:14:54:07 -0400] "POST /ZendServer/index.php?controller=systray&action=exec&do=ping HTTP/1.1" 200 643 - - [15/Mar/2013:14:54:35 -0400] "GET /SOME/public/index.php/NewPatient/load-gsdd-data HTTP/1.1" 500 499

So when I load I get this :


After I open that file,there is server error in there.

Other controllers and actions are working fine! I just have problem with this action.

Thanks a lot for your time :)

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Typically in your PHP log there will be a more informative error message the just '500 Internal server error'. Suppose check dependencies. libxml should be enabled and if you are using SSL with this service you should ensure openssl is setup. Try disabling WSDL caching and turning trace option (debug) on with the SoapClient. –  ficuscr Mar 15 '13 at 18:07
Thanks for the quick comment . As I use Zend Server,I saw the logs at php_error,it shows nothing.I checked access logs,error logs,nothing is being displayed.For cache I did this ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_enabled',0); ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_ttl',0); still no luck! Trace option is enabled by default by Zend. Thanks for the reply :) –  Yash Mar 15 '13 at 18:17
Checked error_reporting level? Not simply suppressing the errors? Can't really debug an generic 'Internal Server Error'. –  ficuscr Mar 15 '13 at 18:19
Found some logs,see updated post.Thanks –  Yash Mar 15 '13 at 18:23
Do you have installed soap extension in your zend server installation? –  Maks3w Mar 15 '13 at 19:44

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Hmm, having some deje vu. Almost certainly the odd ball port number... openCM? Does the WSDL follow suit? Try 'proxy_host' and'proxy_port' with your SoapClient options?

Found this that might be same thing: Workaround for PHP SOAP request failure when wsdl defines service port binding as https and port 80?

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Thanks for reply.But I am not using any proxy.I am running the server at http://localhost:8089 and I am calling soap at port 3434 . So,should I put any proxy_port ? If so,to port 3434 ? As,I ran wamp at 8080, and soap at 3434,never set the proxy_port option had no problem! Adding on WSDL post, my WSDL file is local file,that means as you see in post,it is in application directory where the server has all source files . I am not using ssl too.ANyways,let me try adding host as localhost and port 8089.. –  Yash Mar 15 '13 at 19:11
does it resolve in a browser? hosts issue maybe, what else changed / differs from server A to server B...? –  ficuscr Mar 15 '13 at 19:18
:( Nope din work! Well as the same code worked for wamp at 8080 , I don't actually see what could be wrong for 8089 (which is just apache given by Zend itself).Thanks for the reply! –  Yash Mar 15 '13 at 19:18
Your hosts/vhost setup with Apache? i.e. NameVirtualHost *:8089? –  ficuscr Mar 15 '13 at 19:24
Well I am able to access the site.No problem there,there are lot of pages,it is working site.So shouldn't be problem with hosts.I am just trying to add a functionality to existing site,now I got problems just with that action..rest pages are good! –  Yash Mar 15 '13 at 19:28
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Alright,fixed it finally!

In the process,learned how things work,but,lol it is a silly reason!

Zend was unable to read the Schema File That is it!!!

Small issue,phew!

Sorry if this question troubled you ;)

But yeah WSDL and Schema file must go hand in hand! How did I miss this!

Thanks to all for viewing this questions!

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