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I realize that reshaping pane layout in general is not trivial describe, but I'm interested in at least being able to swap the layout of two adjacent panes.

Suppose I've got these panes laid out like this

|    |        |
|    |   2    |
|    |________|
| 0  |        |
|    |        |
|    |        |
|    |   3    |
|____|        |
| 1  |        |

And I now discover that I want even more vertical space with pane 3. It's clearly not trivial to consider how I could rearrange it with pane 0 or 1 but it would be really nice if I could tell 3 and 2 to flip splitting axis:

|    |     |  |
|    |     |  |
|    |     |  |
| 0  |     |  |
|    |  3  |2 |
|    |     |  |
|    |     |  |
|____|     |  |
| 1  |     |  |

(note here tmux will most likely reorder it so the old 3 becomes the new pane #2)

Currently when I try to run join-pane -h to reorganize it it tells me "cannot join pane to its own window". Yeah, well, I'm just trying to shuffle it without disrupting the entire layout.

I guess a workaround is to break it out to its own named window and then immediately join it back, though it looks like it won't be able to determine the orientation to switch to (horizontal vs vertical).

Note this is different from the operation of swapping the locations of two panes, for which there exists a command ready to use. I'm looking to swap the splitting axis.

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Prefix + Space is bound to next layout

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yeah but this screws with all panes. I do have a good solution. will post when I get back to a terminal –  Steven Lu Oct 19 '13 at 0:28
What was your solution? –  Ben Davis Aug 7 at 19:14
Yeah, what was your solution @StevenLu? Would love to know since Google just took me here, but left me hanging... ;] –  HerbCSO Dec 12 at 15:16
I do have a solution, will post answer –  Steven Lu Dec 12 at 19:07
# Here is a jewel of a bind which does the task of flipping the orientation of the current pane with the pane before it (in the ordering) -- I had a SO question on this and nobody answered.
bind -n M-f move-pane -t '.-'
bind M-f move-pane -t '.-'
bind -n M-r move-pane -h -t '.-'
bind M-r move-pane -h -t '.-'

The comment is a lie, this functionality is not intuitive and frankly sucks, but it does work in a pinch.

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