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I'm trying to get a query going that will search multiple tags. The tags are db based and I've related them to the entity with a junction table. If I search with 1 tag, I get the correct results, but if I search with 2 tags, I only get the entities that match the second tag.

Here's the C# code that builds the IQueryable:

  var awTable = db.Artworks.Where( aw => true );  //default get all

  awTable = awTable.Where( aw => (bool)aw.IsArtworkVisible  );

  foreach ( SearchTag tagToMatch in tagList )

                    awTable = awTable.Where( aw => aw.ArtworkName.Contains( tagToMatch.SearchTagText )
                                               || db.SearchTag_x_Artworks.Where( stxa => stxa.SearchTagID == tagToMatch.SearchTagID )
                                               .Select( stxa => stxa.ArtworkID ).Contains( aw.ArtworkID ) );


Here's the resulting SQL, which, if I plug it into a query window and set the parameter values, includes both where clauses and returns the correct list of entities. (WTF!?!?)

    {SELECT [t0].[ArtworkID], [t0].[ArtworkName], ... [t0].[MediumID]
FROM [dbo].[Artworks] AS [t0]
    FROM [dbo].[SearchTag_x_Artwork] AS [t1]
    WHERE ([t1].[ArtworkID] = [t0].[ArtworkID]) AND ([t1].[SearchTagID] = @p0)
    )) OR ([t0].[ArtworkName] LIKE @p1)) AND ((EXISTS(
    FROM [dbo].[SearchTag_x_Artwork] AS [t2]
    WHERE ([t2].[ArtworkID] = [t0].[ArtworkID]) AND ([t2].[SearchTagID] = @p2)
    )) OR ([t0].[ArtworkName] LIKE @p3)) AND (([t0].[IsArtworkVisible]) = 1)

This is kind of befuddling, any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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What's really befuddling is why you do some things: var awTable = db.Artworks.Where( aw => true ); //default get all ...wat – JustLoren Oct 9 '09 at 14:04
I tried to leave out an if statement for clarity: var awTable = db.Artworks.Where( aw => true ); if ( !isAuthenticated ) { awTable = awTable.Where( aw => (bool)aw.IsArtworkVisible ); } – marcel_g Oct 9 '09 at 14:18

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I think your problem has to do with the way C# handles captured variables in closures like your lambda expressions.

Your capturing the same variable tagToMatch. Please try this:

  foreach ( SearchTag tagToMatch in tagList )
        SearchTag localTagToMatch = tagToMatch;
        awTable = awTable.Where( aw => aw.ArtworkName.Contains( localTagToMatch .SearchTagText )
                                               || db.SearchTag_x_Artworks.Where( stxa => stxa.SearchTagID == localTagToMatch .SearchTagID )
                                               .Select( stxa => stxa.ArtworkID ).Contains( aw.ArtworkID ) );

Please read The Beauty of Closures by Jon Skeet.

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Ding ding ding! Holy crap that works! Thanks! Thanks for the link as well, as it's not really obvious that there's something going on like the last SearchTag is where all of the Where lambdas get their parameter values from, so I'm going to have to read up on that. – marcel_g Oct 9 '09 at 15:13
var awTable = db.Artworks.Where( aw => (bool)aw.IsArtworkVisible );  //the first was unnecessary

foreach ( SearchTag tagToMatch in tagList )
    awTable = awTable.AndAlso(aw => 
        aw.ArtworkName.Contains(tagToMatch.SearchTagText) ||
        db.SearchTag_x_Artworks.Where(stxa => stxa.SearchTagID == tagToMatch && stxa.ArtworkID == aw.ArtworkID);
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Hmmm, my version of LINQ doesn't have the AndAlso. I'll have to look for that and see if I can download it. – marcel_g Oct 9 '09 at 14:19

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