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I'm just learning RoR, and am trying to build a Model around my legacy database, which is built more around SPROCs for querying data. I've found the activerecord-tableless gem and am using that to help build the models.

So far, I'm able to get the base model working OK:

class Wine < ActiveRecord::Base

  self.primary_key = "iWine"

  column :iWine, :integer
  column :Wine, :string
  column :Vintage, :integer

  attr_accessible :iWine, :Wine, :Vintage, .....

  has_many :labelImages

  def self.find_wine(id)
    r = ActiveRecord::Base.execute_procedure "sp_FetchWineVerbose", 'iWine' => id.to_i
    if r.size > 0
      w = Wine.new(r[0])
      return w;

Now, I'd like to take advantage of ActiveRecord's associations to pull in additional pieces of related data, e.g. label images, other vintages, etc. Here is what I have so far:

class LabelImage < ActiveRecord::Base

  column :id, :integer
  column :width, :integer
  column :height, :integer
  column :wine_id, :integer

  attr_accessible :id, :width, :height, :wine_id
  after_initialize :fetch_data

  belongs_to :wine

  def fetch_data()
    sql = <<-eos
SELECT iLabel AS id, Width AS width, Height AS height, ....

    r = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_all(sql, 'Label Image', [[wine_id,wine_id]])
    if r.size > 0

So, now, I can call w = Wine.find_wine(1) and then w.labelImages.build, and I get back a LabelImage object with the right data. But, I also get the following message in the console:

Could not log "sql.active_record" event. NoMethodError: undefined method `name' for 1:Fixnum

I've tried digging through the source code but cannot figure out where this is coming from. And, I also can't figure out how to override the initialization to return an array of multiple LabelImage objects -- as there may be many for any given wine. Should I override the build method (and if so, how?), or is there another way to create the objects and then assign them to the Wine.labelImages attribute?

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You may be going about this the hard way, activerecord-tableless gem is really for information not stored in SQL databases.

I would suggest looking at something like https://rubygems.org/gems/rmre that could help build active_models based on you existing schema.

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Yes, I probably am going about it the hard way :) I haven't found any good tutorials/samples that seem similar to what I want, so I've just been trying to modify the 'standard' way. I'll take a look at rmre, thanks for the pointer! However, I don't see an obvious way to plug in my stored procedures (SPROCs) for fetching the data instead of the ActiveRecord generated SQL? Any thoughts on that? –  Dan Mar 15 '13 at 20:16
How complex is the schema? If it's actually wine and wine labels it seems like stored procedures are way overkill. ActiveRecord will allow you to do all the queries you need. If you can use something like Visio to generate an ER diagram? I could advise further. –  hwatkins Mar 15 '13 at 20:27
The schema is quite complex; I was just trying to simplify into an easy-to-digest concrete example. We have about 160 different tables (not including views), and a lot of data is dynamic and dependent on the user requesting it -- so even 'simple' queries can involve a lot of JOINs. For us, it's much more efficient to push a lot of that logic to the DB and simply use SPROCs as the interface to query/update data. (Plus, we have an existing ASP/VBScript front-end that needs to continue to exist.) –  Dan Mar 15 '13 at 20:41
activerecord does support stored procedures, I have not used them myself though. Have a look at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11657160/why-are-stored-procedures-still-not‌​-supported-in-rails-3 and https://gist.github.com/wok/1367987 I would say you are taking on a pretty big task for a first rails project. I would still look at rmre and try to get to the point where you can see a couple of tables and have models with relationships, then you could add stored procedures. Good luck. –  hwatkins Mar 15 '13 at 20:52
Thanks. We're using SQL Server, and I haven't had any issues calling the stored procedures. I have an object model in mind that I want to create around the data, but it's not exactly a 1:1 mapping to tables like ActiveRecord wants. My struggle, being new to Ruby+Rails, is how to properly bridge the gap. I can make the db queries (via execute_procedure and select_all), but I'm unclear whether I should try and wedge those into ActiveRecord derived classes, or just generic ones. I'd love to use the other benefits of ActiveRecord (validations, associations). Any thoughts on that? –  Dan Mar 15 '13 at 21:27
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