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I'm attempting to create a calendar entry using ical on a mobile device using data:Uri as described in Now it works great on my desktop machine when I run this in Chrome and my calendar app is MS Outlook.

Basically, what I do in Javascript is:

var icalsample = "BEGIN:VCALENDAR\r\n\
PRODID:-\/\/\/myproduct\/\/NONSGML v1.0\/\/EN\r\n\
UID:" + uuid + "\r\n\
DTSTAMP:" + dtstamp.toISOString() + "\r\n\
ORGANIZER;CN=mycompany scheduler\r\n\
DTSTART:" + dtstart.toISOString() + "\r\n\
DTEND:" + dtend.toISOString() + "\r\n\
SUMMARY:" + title + "\r\n\
DESCRIPTION:" + description + "\r\n\

var uriContent = "data:text/calendar," + encodeURIComponent(icalsample);
location.href = uriContent;

An example uriContent from my app is below. When I copy and paste it into Chrome's address bar it works as expected:


My problem is it does not work on iPhone or Android. From what I had read, I thought data:Uris were supported.

On Android 4.1.1 using the default browser (not Chrome), I see the text of my string displayed like a plain text document in the browser. On iPhone I see "Download Failed: Safari cannot download this file".

How can I make this work on iPhone and Android?


There some some errors in the original code above. All lines must end in \r\n. I had only \n. The last line also requires \r\n. The javascript Date.toISOString format is not valid for iCal. You have to remove the dashes, semicolons, and fractions of a second. A really valuable tool for catching these errors is the ical validator.

Most importantly, I don't think Android supports iCal or ics files. There are lots of forums posts discussing this and 3rd party tools to fill this gap. So I think my code was correct (apart from the bugs listed above in the update), but it failed on my phone because not app or Intent is registered for the text/calendar mime type.

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I had the same problem - and until I found this thread, I couldn't get the iPhone to read my iCal file.

Safari would say "Safari cannot download this file" which is misleading - Safari had downloaded the file - but it didn't like the standard ISO format date, with dashes and colons.

The solution, as you rightly put it is:

  • Make sure the line endings are CRLF.
  • Make sure there are no empty lines above BEGIN:VCALENDAR
  • Make sure the date format is ISO - but has dashes and semi-colons removed.

Thanks for pointing in the right direction!

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I tried this exact code and it worked!!!

PRODID:-//Some organization//some application//EN
DESCRIPTION:Please attend this sample meeting
SUMMARY:Invitation to attend training
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The question was concerning using ical data in a data uri. Notice in the question it is about launching a url in the format data: and having ical data in the uri. Your example seems to only show ical data. – Michael Levy Nov 13 '13 at 15:45
This didn't answer the question, but using the known working values in here combined with the script in the question, I was able to get a working prototype, so +1. – Aligma Apr 26 at 7:13

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