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I am using Symfonys Autoloader for a project having the following folder/class structure:

+- Package1
+- Package2
  +- Class1.php
- Interface1.php

How do i implement a class from a parent namespace now. Like Interface1 from Class1 for example. This does not work:

namespace App\Package1

Class1 implements App\Interface1
    //implement some functions here...

The Autoloader trys to include App\Package2\Class1\App\Interface1 then.

Best regards,


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the symfony's classloader works great:)

In this case, it's a php syntax problem.

You need to import the namespace with "use" or more easily you just need a backslash in front of the classname

for example:

namespace App\Package1;

use App\Interface1;

Class1 implements Interface1
    //implement some functions here...


namespace App\Package1;

Class1 implements \App\Interface1;
    //implement some functions here...
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Thanks for the helpful answer :) – mschultheiss Mar 15 '13 at 19:19

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