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I am totally stuck up in solving the following problem :

(the question is going to be big enough)

I am developing an android application. I want to create a facebook login for the same. While I was working on my machine (Linux) I was able to perform the operations. I have registered my application on Fb developer site. I could also login with Fb into my app. I had given permissions to gain email information also. Everything worked fine. And I was happy. I am using deprecated methods.

Now when I moved the exact same code on my friends machine (windows), it is not working properly.(I mean not working all, when I click on login button from my app, it unfortunately stops.) I have followed all the steps correctly (as per my knowledge) on his machine also, like, I have installed facebook sdk, installed the apk in his emulator (as per instructed on fb developer site). I have also checked logging to fb using the fb app from his emulator. Everything works fine.

But when I try to login from my application (the exact same code which works on my PC) I got following messages:

Sorry , Login failed t reach facebook servers. Please check your network connection 
or try again later (unable to resolve host ""
No address associated with hostname []

but I know that the networked connection is working well. and another message that I got is : the flow successfully went to my apps page (after logging in ) and said that my app is

 misconfigured for facebook login

but I have not changed any settings of my app. why is this happening?? I am really bugged up!

please help. everything worked well on my pc but why not here?

another error: error in logging in!! and my onFaceBook error is also invoked All these errors occur randomly

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