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I'm trying to get the out put of the wolfram api using a python xml parsing script. Here's my script:

import urllib
import urllib.request
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

root = ET.fromstring(xml_data)

for child in root:
   print (child.get("title"))
   print (child.attrib)

I know It's only getting the attributes of everything in the title portion of the code but it's a start.

Here's a snippet of the output:

<pod title="Input" scanner="Identity" id="Input" position="100" error="false" numsubpods="1">
 <subpod title="">

I'm trying to get it to only print out what is in the tags. Does anyone know how to edit the code to get that?

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So you want sqrt(2) printed? –  Martijn Pieters Mar 15 '13 at 21:13
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Only the <plaintext> elements contain text:

for pt in root.findall('.//plaintext'):
    if pt.text:

The .text attribute holds the text of an element.

For your URL, that prints:

[1; 2^_]
Pythagoras's constant
sqrt(2)~~1.4142  (real, principal root)
-sqrt(2)~~-1.4142  (real root)

It looks like the <pod> tags have interesting titles too:

for pod in root.findall('.//pod'):
    for pt in pod.findall('.//plaintext'):
        if pt.text:
            print('-', pt.text)

which then prints:

- sqrt(2)
Decimal approximation
- 1.4142135623730950488016887242096980785696718753769480...
Number line
Continued fraction
- [1; 2^_]
Constant name
- Pythagoras's constant
All 2nd roots of 2
- sqrt(2)~~1.4142  (real, principal root)
- -sqrt(2)~~-1.4142  (real root)
Plot of all roots in the complex plane
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That's exactly what I wanted. Thank you! –  user1985351 Mar 15 '13 at 21:19
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