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Here is the problem at hand.

Say I have a table :


Area    | UserIP
Fontana |
Fontana |
Fontana |
Fontana |
Fontana |
North Carolina |

My goal is to run a query and return for each area and first two sets of numbers in an IP, the count.

In table form it would look like this


Area    | UserIP  | Count
Fontana | 192.233 | 3
Fontana | 78.65 | 2
North Carolina | 284.65 | 1

Thank you in advance for helping

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Try this:

Select area, 
PARSENAME(userip,4) + '.' + PARSENAME(userip,3) UserIp, 
from mytable
group by area, PARSENAME(userip,4) + '.' + PARSENAME(userip,3)


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As long as we don't see the 6 part IPs lol this will work! – Pat Rick Allen Mar 15 '13 at 21:45

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