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I'm creating a webapp that has various unrelated data types (House, Contact, Article, Recipe, Fact -etc). I am giving each one a 'thumbnail' automaticaly. (User can then manually upload there own image).

Currently, I'm grabbing an image from Flikr, crop or strech to 80x80 & adding a mosaic filter at 10 pixels. The result is a nice little abstract thumbnail for each peice of data. (This lets me user 'CoverFlows, Carusel etc - for a more visual experience).

I'd now like to collect some other suggestions on 'image generation'.

I'd love to know how StackOverflow creates those nice little patterns for each user. (Geometric pattern generator? Any open Api?) [So much nicer than the old grey silouette!

All suggestions welcomed! Thanks

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Interesting algorithm - the pattern generating is based on a traditional 9 block quilting process. Classic! – CM Oct 11 '09 at 11:50

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That's actually not Stack Overflow but Gravatar creating those images. They are Identicons created from a hash of the user's email address. The linked Wikipedia article also lists several implementations.

There are also some Stack Overflow questions on that topic:

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Thanks - Wikipedia article very interesting. We're going to setup a Web Service / REST to sent back a random identicon. We'll post when complete. - thx – CM Oct 11 '09 at 11:53

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