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I'm a Jquery Noob. Please be gentle... My users select the product they want and then input their shipping/billing information. I need to display tax and total information which will change if the billing state is Massachusetts only. All the other information can be pre-coded, but this information needs to be calculated. Here's my code as it exists:

    <script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof $ == "undefined" && jQuery) {
    $ = jQuery;

$(document).ready(function () {

    $('#field18944403').change(function () {
            if (($("#field18944403").val()) == "1month") {
            $("#subscription-text").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"class=\"invoice\"><strong>Month-to-Month Subscription</strong></p>");
            $("#subscription-price").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"  class=\"invoice\">25.00</p>");
            $("#shipping-text").html("<p class=\"invoice\">$5 shipping/month</p>");
            $("#shipping-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">5.00</p>");
            $("#subtotal-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">30.00</p>");
            $("#tax-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">" + tax + "</p>");
            $("#total-price").html("<h3 style=\"margin-right:10px;\">" + tot + "</h3>");

            var subscription = $("#field18944403").val();
            $("#subscription-text").html("<b>" + shipping +
                "</b> ");

        } else if (($("#field18944403").val()) == "3month") {
            $("#subscription-text").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"class=\"invoice\"><strong>3 month Subscription Prepaid</strong></p>");
            $("#subscription-price").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"  class=\"invoice\">75.00</p>");
            $("#shipping-text").html("<p class=\"invoice\">$5 shipping/month</p>");
            $("#shipping-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">15.00</p>");
            $("#subtotal-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">90.00</p>");
            $("#tax-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">" + tax + "</p>");
            $("#total-price").html("<h3 style=\"margin-right:10px;\">" + tot + "</h3>");

        } else if (($("#field18944403").val()) == "6month") {
            $("#subscription-text").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"class=\"invoice\"><strong>6 month Subscription (10% Savings) Prepaid</strong></p>");
            $("#subscription-price").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"  class=\"invoice\">135.00</p>");
            $("#shipping-text").html("<p class=\"invoice\">Plus $5 shipping/month</p>");
            $("#shipping-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">30.00</p>");
            $("#subtotal-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">165.00</p>");
            $("#tax-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">" + tax + "</p>");
            $("#total-price").html("<h3 style=\"margin-right:10px;\">" + tot + "</h3>");

        } else {
            $("#subscription-text").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"class=\"invoice\"><strong>12 month Subscription (10% Savings) Prepaid</strong></p>");
            $("#subscription-price").html("<p style=\"font-size: 18px;\"  class=\"invoice\">270.00</p>");
            $("#shipping-text").html("<p class=\"invoice\">FREE Shipping!</p>");
            $("#shipping-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">0.00</p>");
            $("#subtotal-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">270.00</p>");
            $("#tax-price").html("<p class=\"invoice\">" + tax + "</p>");
            $("#total-price").html("<h3 style=\"margin-right:10px;\">" + tot + "</h3>");

   $('#field18949163-state').change(function () {
       tax = 0.00;
       tot = $("#total-price").text(); 
       if ($("#field18949446-state").val() == "Massachusetts") {
            var tax = ($('#subtotal-price').text() * 0.0625).toFixed(2);
            var tot = ($('#subtotal-price').text() * 1.0625).toFixed(2);

I know my code is probably bloated, but it makes sense to me as written. Open to suggestions on cleaning the code up, and making my calculation work!

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Move your HTML out of the JavaScript. It'll make your code much more readable. –  Blender Mar 15 '13 at 21:33
You probably shouldn't be hard-coding this stuff. Why aren't you doing this server side anyways? –  Shmiddty Mar 15 '13 at 21:35
You should A) make a function to calculate and spit these out, or b) use a templating engine, or C) make these elements hidden at page load, and toggle them as necessary. –  Ohgodwhy Mar 15 '13 at 21:41

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