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I want to link to my app using the short http://appstore.com/yangmeyer variant.

While it was easy enough to deduce the canonical name for my app "Trash Cam" (http://appstore.com/trashcam), I haven’t been able to get the canonical name for my most recent app, Delighted! – “Nice to meet you!” (note the exclamation and quotation marks, which are all part of the app’s name on the App Store).

I read Apple’s Technical Q&A QA1633, and believe that the canonical name should be "delightednicetomeetyou". But it’s not.

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Turns out, if you follow the instructions in QA1633 like a computer would, you arrive at delighted–“nicetomeetyou”. (D’oh.)

And this actually works*) – and even looks prettier**):


*) Alas, not in StackOverflow’s Markdown parsing ;-)
**) This is probably my first time that I got actual practical value out of using an en-dash and proper quotation marks!

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