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I am trying to write a SQL to select the records only if there is NO matching closing braces for example if the column "TEXT_DATA" has 'tes(ting(sql)select' and 'tes(ting(sql)sel)ect' then the select statement should return only 'tes(ting(sql)select' because it is missing a matching closing brace ")".

There can be one or more missing closing braces.

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Not using a regular expression but it'll do the job:

Select text_data as [TEXT_DATA], 
    len(text_data)-len(replace(text_data, '(', '')) as [CountOpen], 
    len(text_data)-len(replace(text_data,')','')) as [CountClose] 
    into #temp 
    from table

Select TEXT_DATA from #temp where CountOpen<>CountClose
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This will only count number of occurrences of parenthesis, it will not check if those are matching, (open with close). i.e. "))sql((" this will also be vaild with this solution. – Vishal Gajjar Mar 16 '13 at 3:43

SQL Server does not have complex regular expression support. You cannot check this using TSQL. You will need to write your custom code.

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