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coming from bash shell, I missed on an easy rolling of loops (for i in (...); do ... done;)

Would you post typical one-liners of loops in cshell?

ONE LINERS PLEASE, and not multiple-lines thx

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Wow, I haven't written a csh script in years. But Bill Joy did write it himself, I suppose it's worth some nostalgia effort...

set t=(*)
foreach i ($t)
  echo $i >> /tmp/z

or just foreach i (*)

This loop structure works well with a built-in concept that csh has of a word list. This is sort-of present in bash but not in vanilla posix shells.

set q=(how now brown cow)
echo $q[2]

The foreach loop neatly iterates through this data structure.

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Update: Ok, ok, well, I don't know how to do one-liner loops in csh. The csh grammar handles ; and newline differently. It's not one-liner friendly. –  DigitalRoss Oct 12 '11 at 15:40

The csh man page states:

The foreach, switch, and while statements, as well as the if-then-else form of the if statement require that the major keywords appear in a single simple command on an input line as shown below.


Both foreach and end must appear alone on separate lines.


The words else and endif must appear at the beginning of input lines; the if must appear alone on its input line or after an else.


The while and end must appear alone on their input lines.

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See also "flow control" in Csh Programming Considered Harmful: faqs.org/faqs/unix-faq/shell/csh-whynot –  Philip Durbin Jul 23 '10 at 15:21

I would say that i've fixed it somehow, despite csh options, so you can do something like this:

printf "while ( 1 ) \n ps -aux|grep httpd \n echo 'just a new row' \n  sleep 2 \n end" | csh -f
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