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I have a for loop, it returns an id and the name of all the images a user has.

 $from1 = 1;
 $from2 = 10;

 for ($i=$from1; $i < $from2; $i++) {
     if (($i % 5) == 0) 
     $idTemp = $id1[$i];

     echo $idTemp;
     echo $name[$i];

Instead of echoing out the data, I wish to place it into a json response, like this:


But i can't seem to work out how to create json arrays inside a loop. Also how would i then loop through to decode the json?

Can anyone help? Cheers for any help in advance, Jamie

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On the server side (PHP) to print the json response, first create the php array that has the same structure, then you can encode it with json_encode:

$from1 = 1;
$from2 = 10;

$json = array('images' => array());
for ($i=$from1; $i < $from2; $i++) {
    if (($i % 5) == 0) {
        $json['images'][$i] = array(
            'id' => $id1[$i],
            'name' => $name[$i]

echo json_encode($json);

On the client side (JS) you will receive say a data object:

$.getJSON(url, function(data) {
    for (x in data.images) {
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