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I have a landing page called `index.php' with the following form:

<form action="auto_mail.php" method="post">
   <input id="signup" class="span8" type="text" placeholder="Your email" name="signup">
   <input type="submit">
     if (isset($_SESSION['got_it']))
     {echo "<b>You're all signed up!</b>}

In the file auto_mail.php I have:

// code scrubbing user input...
$user_email = $_POST['signup'];
$_SESSION['got_it'] = '1';
// code sending me an email when someone signs up.
echo <<<EOD
  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0, url=index.php">

I've looked at some other SO questions (Using $_SESSION to carry data), but it's not what I'm looking for.

All I want, is for a user to see "You're all signed up" when they enter a valid email; with the email confirm email being sent in the background. This code feels clumsy and awkward. It also flashes the auto_mail.php page briefly.

I tried to set <form action="index.php"..., but it doesn't work because I've set up auto_mail.php such that you can't access it directly.

How can use the code in auto_mail.php, which checks for a valid email address and sends confirm emails, without dealing with both $_POST and $_SESSION, or at least using them better?

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I use that kind of stuff to make my web sites login and it works just fine. I use ajax with jquery and the traditional reload also and both works. –  EASI Mar 15 '13 at 23:23
Have you used session_start() on index.php ? –  EASI Mar 15 '13 at 23:24

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If you don't want to have any page reloads whatsoever, you'll have to use AJAX to send the form, instead of utilising the form POST.

If you are using jQuery, or Mootools, they both have built in wrappers to handle ajax calls. Without a helper library, you'll have to look into making an XMLHttpRequest yourself.

Other than that, traditionally, you would redirect the user to a "form submitted" page, or alternatively, have the form action be sent to the same page (in your case, index.php, and have PHP code to handle form data if it is received).

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I dont get completely what you want.

I think you try to Verify a Mail Address (after?) that form has been sent. But you cannot access the file via http that does the verification.

Have you thought about including the auto_mail.php?

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I tried use include, but I ended up just posting the HTML from auto_mail.php right along with the HTML from index.php. –  dwstein Mar 15 '13 at 23:23

I think you should consider using one of popular PHP frameworks. I guess you didn't use any in above example. Good framework that also offers MVC structure allows to do operations like this in such a simple way you can't even imagine.

Breaking it down to MVC structure will even make it extremely simple to handle post sending and displaying dependences and results made by it in one action. Learing good framework at first might look like a waste of time, but believe me - it will pay off very quickly.

For start I recommend you looking at Kohana Framework or, if you're ambitions one - Symfony Framework.

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